Tuts+ Mac Podcast 2: Password Security


In episode two, of the Tuts+ Mac Podcast, Jordan explains to Johnny why he shouldn’t be using the same password for everything he does.  You can listen above, or subscribe on iTunes.

Jordan explains importance of unique passwords, not using dictionary words and introduces techniques for making passwords increasingly secure.

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Remembering Just One Password is Easier and Safer

In an earlier article, “Picking Passwords: Pitfalls, Practicalities and Protection”, I examined the requirements and problems of modern passwords and why they are hard for humans to remember but easy for computers to crack. I also touched on how we can manage this conundrum.

In this article, I’ll have my cake and eat it; I’ll use complex, secure and unique passwords for everything. All of those passwords will confirm the specific requirements and rulesets of each service – even if that means that the criteria differs between services. And we will remember just one secure password to do this.

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Picking Passwords: Pitfalls, Practicalities and Protection

Like many people, you probably have a password for logging on to your computer at work, another one for logging into your work email, and then there’s your personal email. Your Mac at home. The AppleID for your iPhone. Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. And more?

Oh, and you have to use a capital letter, some lowercase, at least one digit, a punctuation mark or other special characters and it has to be more than 12 characters long. Perhaps you can’t use more than 16 characters? Or perhaps that particular service doesn’t, afterall, allow you to use special characters – even more confusing!

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How to Keep Your MacBook Safe: Theft Prevention and Recovery Tactics

Many thieves are opportunists. They will steal your Mac, given the opportunity, if it is left alone at the coffee shop, in the workplace, in your car or even in your home. There are deterrents that you can use to prevent your Mac from being stolen and there is technology that can be employed to locate your Mac (and even who is using it). Let’s examine the deterrents and technology.

While the title says “MacBook,” many of the points discussed in this article apply, equally, to desktop Macs. This article looks at preventing the theft of your Mac in the first place, and techniques to facilitate it’s recovery should it be stolen.

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