Music and Audio Glossary of Terms—Part 3

The modern world is full of three-letter acronyms, or TLAs, and other jargon. The world of music and audio is no different.

Every given topic area has its own specific abbreviations and terminology that can, at first, be impenetrable to some. In this tutorial I attempt to demystify a few of the terms that you’re likely to read in our tutorials.

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Apple AirPods Explored and Explained

Launched on 16th September 2016, Apple’s iPhone 7 was notable for the absence of a headphone jack socket. Yes, the enclosed earphones had a Lightning connector. And, yes, included in the box was a 3.5mm to Lightning convertor lead.

Also announced was Apple’s new wireless AirPods, their wireless earphones to connect to the iPhone (and other Apple devices) via Bluetooth.

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