How to Install NOOBS on a Raspberry Pi With a Mac

If you are new to Raspberry Pi and want to get up and running without too much fuss, then NOOBS is probably going to be one of the best places for you to start.

NOOBS stands for New Out Of The Box Software and it’s intention is to make the start of your Raspberry Pi adventure somewhat less daunting than it otherwise might be, especially if you are unfamiliar with the command line interface, or CLI.

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How to Send Large Files Effectively

My first digital camera took photos that measured 640 x 480 pixels; that’s VGA resolution or 0.3MP. These photos could easily be shared via email, and they had to be as this preceded USB drives and Dropbox. Now that digital cameras are capable of taking photos of much higher resolutions, typically 10MP or more, sharing becomes a little more difficult.

In this tutorial I will show a number of different ways to share large documents, such as photos or films.

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How and Why You Should Customise Your Mac’s Login Screen

If your choice of Mac is one of the MacBooks Air, or Pro, then it is likely that you enjoy using your Mac for its portability … even if that portability is just so that you can work around your home or office. The disadvantage of that portability is that it opens up the chance of loss, when you are out and about. Combined with the desirability and high resale values, your Mac is also a prime target for thieves.

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a customised message, on the login screen, that may help reunite you with a lost or stolen Mac.

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